Foto-Buch : Louis Kahn – House of Nation

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Louis Kahn’s National Assembly building in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is regarded by many as his greatest masterpiece and one of the wonders of modern architecture.Conceived over 50 years ago, it is a building complex that embodies perseverance, vision, and spirituality that go way beyond its architectural importance.As we near the 40th anniversary of Kahn’s passing, this book provides an opportunity to view this great example of Kahn’s work that shaped the vision of many of today’s leading architects.Grischa Rüschendorf’s stunning architectural photos invite you to explore the rarely visited building, and some so far unseen areas, and experience how this timeless masterpiece has stood the test of time.


Born in 1969 in Germany, Grischa studied photography in Berlin, where his final year there coincided with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. This drew him eastward and into features photography. In the following years, he documented the changes in Eastern Europe and the ensuing disintegration of the Soviet Union. The newly established Russian Federation then became a central part of his work as a features photographer. In 1997 Grischa moved to Hong Kong where he works as a photographer in the Asia Pacific region specializing in architectural, interior and industrial photography.
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